Hello there, everyone!! My name is Wesley but you can call me Wes ( Wessie, Wiggles, or Kitty) for short and i'm very appreciative that you all took the time to come to my silly little blog. I have a variety of interests and hobbies such as Homestuck, animals, My Little Pony, Comic Books, Manga, Sciences (especially Astronomy), Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, F-Zero, drawing, & S.H.I.E.L.D just to name a few.
I'm also in the acting (both physical and voice) scene and i'm also the Equius in the Homestuck askfruityrumpusassholefactory cosplay group

Please feel free to talk me whenever you like! There is no need to feel frightened! haha


So I got around into buying a new headband for my Soul Eater cosplay of Sid when he was a human. I want to practice doing the kanji symbol before I finalize it.  Though i must admit that it’s gonna be fun messing around with black ink for the Japanese tats around my arms. Good practice for me :) 


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